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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let Go..


Ada org bising sy x update blog.. Mentang2 dia dh rajen update blog skrg, dlu msa dia tinggalkan blog dia bersawang xpenah update takdenye kite ni nk bising, kih3. Terima kasih atas kebisingan anda maka sy pon update lah sikit2 neh~

i heard you're doin okay..

Okay, glad to hear that u're doin fine.
I hesitate a lot before I hit the 'Send' button.
But at least, I got a reply. Tq :)
Getting closer to reach ur dreams, thank God for that.

Maybe one day, years and years from now..
Our path will cross again.
Maybe we'd recognize each other. Well, maybe not.
Maybe we'll never meet again. Hey, it's such a big world after all, right?
But still, I'm thankful to know u once in my life :)
Thank God for giving us the chance to b in each other's lives.
Eventho not for long.

For our own good. For the better good.
And because it's the right thing to do.

Whatever it is, live life without regrets.
Sometimes, u did something u shouldn't.
But, at least it's a chance for u to learn.
No need to freak out.
Bersangka baiklah dgn kehidupan, dgn takdir-Nya.

"You never fully let go of everything. And that should be your goal, because you can take away something good from everything that happens to you"

Well, no need to break a sweat trying to let go of everything.
Because sometimes it's not that easy & torturing u so much.
But some other times, u just don't want to remember a single thing.
Well, depends on life situations..
On how it affecst you.
And I go through both types, at different times of life..

I came out of all these confusions with a new perception in mind.
And I'll stick to it :)
Don't want to get into the confusion no more.
I don't need it, at least for now.

I pray hard that u will fly away & reach ur dreams.
Praying the best of life for u.
I could not be more happier than to hear u succeed.
I know how badly u want it :)

Forgive me for my wrong doings, weaknesses and 'mengarut'ness.
Haha =D

Dalam mengintai redha Ilahi terkadang diri ini tersungkur..
Namun tetap berusaha bangkit, mengetuk pintu taubat-MU..
Memohon agar dikurniakan ketetapan hati..
Kerana diri ini yakin..
Kaulah Tuhan yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani..

p/s : for me the best thing about reading something uncertain to u is that u're able to interpret it as how ur mind looks at it. how u perceive it. so, how would u interpret this post? no matter how, dont forget dears 'husnus zon @ bersangka baik' :)



how to interpret this post..
it is full of usefull advices.. question..what is 'updating blog' means to you?..

not a tag, but something every blogger have to ponder..right..

happy holidays

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

terima kasih..
u seems to understand quite well what i'm trying to convey here :)

updating blog? well, depends on what the real intention of the blog owner starting his/her own blog.. good to ponder encik acap.. :)

zahin kasturi said...

for the 1st time, it took time to interpret, but like mr acap said it was full of useful advice

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

meaningful words.. are always my best way of expressing something :)

zahin kasturi said...

alhamdulillah..same goes to me sometimes.. :)

izzati wahib said...

seems like saying something to 'someone' who is.. what cn i say.. hopeful? boley ke kate g2?

well hope he/she 'll grab everything with no hard feelings..

::a long-yet-meaningful message :)

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

of course everything been said is for someone.. or it will b useless rite? huhu =D

hopeful? hmm.. i'm not hoping.

izzati wahib is the new definition of cuteness.. haha, tuko topik~

izzati wahib said...

tuko topik dgn ayat mmebodek yg sweet
haha.. pakai nama mcm fb. malas nk taip pjg2 haha

iRa DiDi said...

sedih pula.jaga diri!!!

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

saling merasai.saling take care :)