Kawan2.. ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

the rest is still unwritten :)

written in the stars
a million miles away
a message to the main..
seasons come and go
but i will never change
and i'm on my way..~

~Julai 2011~

~Jun 2010~

~Februari 2010~

Alhamdu Lillah..


McFLuRry_MaNIaC said...

gambar sy xde. sdey jap. :P

aShaBuLz said...

nice blog!!

blogwalking. peace.

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

@fana : da letak da gamba fana..hee.jgn la sdey2.ritu wat quick post je ;)

@ashabulz : tenkiu2 :)

Pastor Perry said...

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Syed Faraz said...

Periksa permainan baru ini di YouTube ..

Mempercepatkan untuk menang ..
Tetapi kehilangan adalah lebih menyeronokkan ..

airul_chobits said...

wah, mcm seronok je dlm pic tuh..smoge prshabatan tu kekal selamanya =)

heru said...

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