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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mengenali Memahami.. Satu Pandangan.


Arini xde kls, sok cuti, lusa tulat weekend. It's only the 1st week of the semester, so nothin much to do i mean in terms of academic work. Seb baek ad trenin demo, or else i'd feel so useless helpless lifeless n ape2 less lg la~ So now,what do we do.. mari kite ketuk2 papan kekunci ni ikut suke hati kite~ Topik kli ni, mengenali dan memahami org. Eceh, skema sungguh :P

Ok well kite manusia xleh idup sengsorg. Msti kne ad teman. Kite ad famly, yes. Itu mmg Allah da kurniakn sejak kite lahir, alhamdulillah, or else cane lak kite leh dilahirkn i mean counting on normal process of life la. And then as we grow, we find others which are not bonded by blood with us which we call as friends, shbt, kwn, rite? Then each time we meet new friend, it'll take time utk kite knl n phm org tu cane. Mustahil kite leh btol2 knl sumone tu in just..what? one one week..still no. one month..i dont think so. one year..boleh la kot~ Pastu kite akan adapt ourself to suit it with our friends. Yg mne kite rse leh masuk, kite geng la dgn kwn tu. Yg kurg sket, kite kwn bese2 je. Then yg xleh pg langsung tu, depends r masing2 ad yg menjauh cmtu je (sy kot?) ad yg kontek seldom2 kn. So why do i berceloteh sal ni? Hee~ Recenlty mcm terpikir la, stiap kli jmpe org baru, kwn baru msti kite kne stat dr awl kenal2 tny itu ini. Try to discover her/him, wondering this n that about our friend. Proses perkenalan which for me satu proses yg signifikan jgk. Coz len org len ragamnye. And as time goes by, we settle down n the friendship becomes more easy, comfortable, close, prominent and ape2 je la xtau nk letak adjective pe dh. But as always, the early stage is actly not an easy phase 4 me. Why? Coz i have a very strong desire to know about other people. To understand how they think, how they react, what they like, what they despise, what makes them happy or sad or terrified~ I tend to be over curious. Hah, scary is it? But i try my best not to show it. To take it easy in front of others, but what's on my mind? U can never guess. Hee~ Kalo x abes sume org cuak kn, pe kes dak ni psiko2 lak nk tau sal org len. And then thats why most of the time, i feel so unsatisfied when i cant read people. Yes, actly i'd rather discover people by reading them silently rather than asking them questions. Tp yela, kdg2 kne tny la jgk kn kite ni bknnye bisu :P

Among the people which i've encountered.. maaacam2 jenis. Ad yg suke share their feelings, problems, life issues with me smp kite rs dia dgn kite cam xde rahsia dh. Haha. I think i'm a gud listener KOT? Kwn yg cmni senang sy nk msuk, coz i dont have to reli say anything about me. I juz listen and respond to them and not much talking to b done. Hee~ But then ad jgk yg ooover ramah smp sy rse penat nk dgr. Eh yes, listening CAN be tiring u know. For me, talking too much is unhealthy, haha. Coz u tend to reveal ur own weaknesses, letting down ur guards all over u. This only apply to those yg sembang2 kosong la. If ad input, go on la its ok sy suke dgr info2 baru neh~ :) But all d same, kwn nyer psl so kite diam je la dgr dgn kepale angguk2 tp sumtimes kepala dh merewang ke len. Haha, kantoi~ Maaf la, actly i tend to lost in my own thoughts kalo xminat dgr sumtin yg people ckp but still my body language indicates that i'm listening. Hehe, bijak x? Ok enuff yg ni. Next, ad pulak jenis susa nk share pape dgn org. Mostly this kind kdg2 makes me frustrated, hee~ Yes, bcos i might think that i failed in understading her/him. But then at least i understand sumtin, kwn ni jenis yg suffer in silent. So kne approach care lain la, lain cane tuh? Huhu. Lalala~ And utk kes yg ni, i have to use my observation. Observe dgn mata... hati. Sbb mata shj xnpk ape yg kt dlm. Hee~ Then ad satu lg type, yg suuuke sgt tanya sal kite. Tny itu la ini la, asek taaanya je. Smpikn kite rse self-conscious la plak asek ckp sal dri sdri jek. If for me, i'll try my best to deviate the focus from talkin bout me to si penanya. Biar dia ckp sal dri dia plak. Hee~ So xde la byk sgt dia leh tny sal kite :P And actually i can share things easily, small2 things.. Neutral things :) But then i dont reli wanna talk about heavy things, sumtin deep about ME. Sungguh x aci kn? Psl org len nk tau, sal dri sdri nk simpan sorg2 lak. Haha. Well, i was born like that. Raised like that. Tp kalo pandai mengumpan, akan terbongkar jgk isi2 hati kt dlm ni. Huhu, xsuke sesi luahan perasaan~

And one more type.. the observer~ Jeng3. Yg ni xramai lg jumpe setakat ni. The observer ni sgt hebat. Though i dont really show off my emotions, yela kn korg kate muke kite ni seriuuus je, the observers ni still leh discover hidden things about me. Huhu~ Kesimpulannye, kite observe org pastu mesti ad org len akan observe kite balik. Harry Potter, may I borrow ur invisiblity cloak pls? But still, being too cautious all the time is tiring tough. So rilek2 suda~ Hee ;) Ad seorang ustaz ni penah kte, urat kt kepala sy tegang cz i'm always thinking. Thats why i selalu kne headache. Tp tu dlu la, skang da jarang headache :) Dan ustaz tu kte, sy pandai bace org. Haha. Yg tu wallahu'alam~

Hurm.. I can befriend people easily. Can b close to people who want2 to b close no matter who u are. I can b sweet can be sour but cannot be ikan sweet sour. I can b silent, can be cheerful. I can b caring, I can b ignorant. But all I know is i value friendship a lot. I appreciate those yg sudi contact2 me tny2 khabar ajak2 sembang cz i'm not the type to mingle a lot. Huhu. Terharu T_T Ad org pnh tegur sy, kalo dia xtegor dlu kt ym/sms/gtalk or watsoever la jarang2 je sy nk start conversation dlu. Huhuu~ MaaaF ssgt. Tp lame2 kwn2 pon da phm kot. So kalo nk chit-chat-chot PM je la. Xde hal nye :P (padahal ad jgk yg sy xreply buat senyap kaku gitu je kunun2 xde org dpn laptop, aduhai teruk gler ak neh :P) And also, kdg2 sy ter-over sweet dgn certain2 people haha, buat derk suda la ek. Ini bkn mengorat oke :P Selalu jgk ble org tgk comment2 kt friendster/facebook between me and sape2 yg npk agak 'mesra' mula la nk gosip2 buat cerita. Haih, itu tidak sihat ok. Dlm Islam pon xmenggalakkn gosip2 ni, sy igt lg sbb sy blaja dlm Islamic Studies last sem. Heh, tak sia-siaaa kite pay attention kt Ustaz Maalik tau ^_^ Lets consider that I'm neutral.. with everyone for now.. everyone except...? hahah. Ade except ke :P

Wee~ Bejaye gk updet blog. Eheh, saje je sbnanye tulis psiko2 cmni. Boring~ Ini luahan peribadi, bkn fakta berdasarkn buku text ke kitab ape2 ke. Hehe. Nk bace, bace. Xsuke, lupekan. Terasa, maafkn sy T_T

Ok, xmau ketuk kekunci dh. Thanks to spe2 yg sudi baca. Assalamualaikum wbt. :)


izzati said...

"Yg mne kite rse leh masuk, kite geng la dgn kwn tu. Yg kurg sket, kite kwn bese2 je. Then yg xleh pg langsung tu, depends r masing2 ad yg menjauh cmtu je (sy kot?) ad yg kontek seldom2 kn"

amat betol la dear. tapi kan cmne kalau org yg kita xley g lagsg tu rumate kite? haru kan?

*suffer in silent as am da type of jenis susa nk share pape dgn org yg xrapat*

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

oh dear. soo sorry for u. xleh masuk dgn rumet ek? merana la jwbnye. rumet kot.. tetiap ari tgk muka dia kn. xpela, try to consider her frm the good side. nobody's perfect :)

*how bout suffer in silent even dgn org yg rapat? ;) pelik kn?

khairi 21 said...

certain org mmg susah nk share dgn org lain..~~ ;)

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

yes2.. hee. u know better :)

lyfe is beautiful~ said...

tp best.

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

uiks. kamu~ huhu.
tq2. aten merapu je kot huhu :P
sory kinda bz lately x ter'reply' msg.