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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Titis-titis Mutiara..


why lately i alwez feel like i want 2 cry.. n i've been crying 4 like evryday since last week dat i went home.. luckily i dont cry too much at utp. thx 2 d super bz n super hectic lifestyle plus d super sweet frenz here n outside utp. but d crying, it is sudden, without notice. d tears jz went down, n i hve absolutely no control over it. mayb i'm being oversensitive. mayb i've too many issues on my mind. mayb i'm feeling irritated with some ppl. mayb all these things dat i've been keeping inside me have erupted? i dunno.. the distant faces back home dat i miss.. the change in some ppl. the coldness dat i sense in some ppl's voice. juz what actually went wrong? herm, i guess its juz my mood swing dat makes me exxagerate all those. a moody side of me is empowering d air~

now i want nothing more than to have a complete family gathering. they're my source of strength. but eventho if i went home, i wont b able 2 see all of them.. aaa, cuti kitorg x sameeee!~

~kalo xphm post ni, xyah cube memahami dan hasilnye korg slh x mntk dphmi huhu =P ~

nk tdoooo.. dan mungkin titis2 mutiara terhasil lg ;)

p/s:oh ye, tiada kaetan dgn ape2 yg blaku recently.. huhu.. dis is long term effect~


eVy-D-YaNa said...

herm..kadang2 bila kita xtahu nak luahkan perasaan pada siapa & bagaimana...menangis tu penawar terbaik..lpas tu, fk baek2 penyelesaiannya...

kalo ada mslh, ktorg smua ada nk spprt fatin..kta saudara..
kalo xtau nk crta pd siapa..ktorg sdia mnjd pendengar.. =)

p/s: jgn sdeyh2 sgt k~

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

semestinya korg sume sntiase ade..
i feel that =)

tade mslh pn sbnanye, tgh ssuaikn dri je..

wee, tenx sis~

iRa DiDi said...

aten..rindu... :(

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

kite lagi2 lah rindu..
ni sdeyh sbb rindu korg sume la niiii~
uwaaa T_T