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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Terlalu Cinta? Part 2

Nk smbung membebel dr post sblom ni, ahaha =P

Nasihat seorg ibu kpd anak lelakinya:-

My sweetheart, if you want to build a family, a faithful one, you can never build it on what Allah has stated as wrong and proven false by the way Rasulullah p.b.u.h has taught us. A happy and blessed family come from Allah, and you don't even have anything to defend it as blessed if the first step you make is by stepping into what He has prohibited. You can't have a happy family if Allah doesn't help you so, and you must know in every family that stands until their dying day, they have Allah on their side. You can't expect Him to help you if you did the wrong step from the very beginning. It's not me who want you to make a decision like this, but Allah tells you so.

Xphm? Oh ye, ini di copy-paste frm sumwhere. Nk taw full story sile klik disini =)

p/s:seakan sme dgn nasihat y prnh dri ini trime dr ratu hatiku juge ^^