Kawan2.. ;)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


when the day gets u confused
feeling like everything was wrong
was out of place
pressing on your mind and your soul
then you wait for the night to fall
hoping the darkness will give peace to your screwed being
maybe the solitude will bring sanity to your mind
serene the unexplained mixture of feelings inside
let the rain of tears wash away your burden
feel better feel stronger with every second pass away
because you will need it to go through another day tomorrow
no guarantee it will be easier well maybe harder, who knows
and may your sleep rejuvenate you back
dream happy dreams
illusion delusion the unreality may seems so real
waking up feeling better
to face through another day
its what we called life
face it. live it. u learn every second
experience maybe a cruel teacher but its the best
you may feel the pain. you may hate it now and you may weep
you may ask why you have to feel this
but in the end, you'll be grateful God gives you the opportunity
to learn from the pain
you'll appreciate the hurting phase
and be a better being with a stronger faith
soft outside but never inside :)


lyfe is beautiful~ said...

nice one..
sesuai ngn keadaan cek skang.hoho

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

oh ye.kebetulan pulak :)