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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tagged by Ira Didi

The last person to tag you is?
-ira didi,1st tyme lyn org tag..lucky u didi deary ^^

Your 5 impressions towards her...
-sgt cute!
-used 2 col her clumsy gurl dlu2,skang cane ek??
-boley tahan jiwunk,oops~
-famly dye sgt sweet ;)
-sy syg dye..sgt2! heh ^^

The most memorable thing she had done for you...
-bykk sgt act,mse zmn high school..but i appreciate d most d tymes when she lent her ear 4 me..gud fren she is =)

If she becomes your lover,you will...
-sy normal oke?

If she becomes your enemy you will...
-regret 4 havin 2 b an enemy 2 such sweet gurl ;( mtk jaoh,mtk jaoh~

If she becomes your lover,she needs to improve on...
-jantinanya mungkin?haha =P kiddin only~

If she becomes your enemy, the reason is...
-perhaps..mayb cz i dont treat her ryte..well d question say "IF"

How do you think people around you fell about you...
-unpredictable? susa nk senyom? xbyk ckp? kowt..

The character for urself is...
-loving.. ceyh~ =P

The most ideal person you want to be is...
-sumone who was born 2 make evryone happy ^^ i wish i am,huu..

For the person who cares or likes you,say something for them...
-lalala..ku sayang kamu..alwez n 4eva,luv u ol! ^_^

10 people to tag...
-is [if u do read,plz do dis tag..kalo xphm ape itu tag,do ask me oke?]
-taro [taro,buat kt comment bleh gk..wee =P]
-emi [kebarangkalian utk dia ni buat teramat la rendah,huahua =P]
-kero [sory,xtaw nk letak nme spe dh]
-esyad [same cam kero =P]
-org2 sesat kt blog ni,kamu yg tgh bace..buat! hehe =P

Who is num 2 having relationship with...
-famly yg dia syg..serta rakan2 nye..

Is num 3 a male or a female?

Is num7 and num 10 together would be a good thing?
-kemungkinan tu ade.. kebarangkalian pon ade =P

How about num 5 and 8?
-oh no.. tp.. oke gk pe =P

What is num 1 studying?
-tamhidi perakaunan dan muamalat? sory if im wrong~

When was the last time u had a chat with them?
-baru2 ni jugak.. chat tp xnpk muke korg pn.. *sigh* ble nk jupe ni.. [xcept 4 utpianz la..]

Is num 4 single?
-er.. hurm.. urm?

Talk something about num 2...
-dlu b4 separate cls dgn dak ni,selalu pour my heart out at her..vry understanding she is..felt gud after talkin 2 her..n im glad,we're still in gud terms till now..hey awk,bile nk jupe? huhu =)


iRa DiDi said...

so sweeeeet my dear.. aten je hk layan tag didi tuh.. sobsob.. haha.. thanks! :)

p/s:tatau nape kat posts dd tak dpt masukkan comment skali.. da cuba T_T haha

faRaa_cUn♥ said...

xreti men tagged2 nyh,..
xpnaa buat pon,.

*btol la tu tamhidi perakaunan n muamalat!~

mishh u gal!~ muahxx:*

irsyad said...

bilakah anda ingin mengupdate blog anda?