Kawan2.. ;)

Friday, August 22, 2008

He's gone..4ever T_T


let's recap all d things dat happen yesterday..

pagi kol 9 ad physics lab,sumenye gne computer interface n not very complicated..although our lab demo lewat sejam msuk lab [lewat bgn tdo ke abg demo tuh?] tp ok la cz exp tu jap je nk siap..during our presentation of d exp pn puas hti cz leh jwb sume soaln y abg tu back our mark 4 d previous exp report,tnggi gk..dpt 48.8 out of 50..haha,walopn men buat je report previous exp..thx so much pd sspe yg kasi markh stinggi itu,will b vry helping in our pointer nti =)

enough of lab,then klas chem followed by icis..kls icis x blaja pn,ms penny kasi game yg xd kaetan lasum dgn icis,best la jugak..hee~ then lecture abes ad lab lak ptg tu kol 3-5,blaja ms excel..learned a lot of new things since im not vry familiar with excel [last gne bnde alah ni mse primary sk dlu,haha]..b4 g lab abg luqman msg suh bt report utk roadshow RM..oh no..aten lasum x pegi jenguk booth roadshow LDP,cane nk bt report ni?satu ape pn 2 busy on dat tyme utk menapak ke pocket D..really sorry 4 dat..dh la abq luqman nk siap b4 maghrib..mne smpt,lab abes pn dh lewat ptg..assignment physics xsiap sg,tutorial emath x bt lg..i surrender n apologize 2 him while askin 4 more tyme 2 cmplete d report..moreover,i need 2 gather d infos frm others y g roadshow tu so dat my report nti bkn la rekaan semata-mata..but abg luqman xreply my msg..hurm~

dis is d hard part..while finishing my phy mobile rang,i knew rite away dat it was my mom frm d 'My Mother' ringtone..picked it up..1st she said dat she n d rest of our famly is now in Kuala Terengganu..weird,they supposed 2 b at KL..i asked why they went back home so early?she granpda suda kembali ke rahmatullah bbpe hri yg lepas..she wanted 2 tell me earlier but my dad told her to hold on 1st i jz cnt register properly what she just told me n suddenly some tears dropped onto my cheek..cnt believe it,i wont b able to see aki [what i col my grandpa] nemore..but i bcme calm rite away jz listenin 2 my mom's calm voice,as i also dont want her 2 noe dat im crying..Al-Fatihah kpd roh aki,smoge rohnye dicucuri rahmat n ditempatkn bsme-sme org yg soleh..amiin~ last jpe aki mse cti sem bru ni..act,i olredi cn predict dis..aki kne strok dr last year ag,aki dh lumpuh..xleh ckp,pgerakan terbatas..but aki still knl kitorg kalo kitorg lawat dye..Ya Allah,mcm xleh cye aten xkn jpe dye lg..Oh God, grant me wit ur strength..

erm,then kol 8 p tutor..sgt2 xde mood act n i dnt talk much dat nyte..afta tutor abg fariz dtg kasi my lesen P..alhamdulillah,i can really drive now =) then on ym..but line tenet mengong giler..ym jd stuck..fed up tol,so bia je la cmtu..then sumone IM me an said dat i've changed now..what??sungguh terase dgn kate2 itu,teruk sgt kah diri ini smpi dihukum dgn kate2 sebegitu..usually i dnt reli care what others say bout me but dis person..dis person is sumone vry close 2 me..act aten trse sbb msti ad sbb yg kuat smpi dye leh kate aten da berubah skang..smbil meletakkan ikon muke sedih,dye trus offline..what??terpinga-pinga sbntr dtingglkn begitu sje..terasa bersalah yg amat sbb mayb aten terlalu mengabaikan dye spnjg my 2nd sem ni,smpi dye kte aten berubah..2nd sem ni sgt bz,honestly xde peluang mne nk contact org2 jauh..i need 2 fix dis,so i col dat person..lame br panggilanku terjawab tp apsal suare len ni?

aten:err,tgh wtpe? [dlm hti wondering,apsal suare bunyi len?]
someone:eh,ni bukan ******* kwn dye..
aten:[interrupting suddenly]oh ye ke,sory2..[terus hang-up]

wah,pe kes kwn yg angkat ni?dh la td tetibe je trus offline..ok fine,xpe la ikut suke la..then..dye online balek..aih,pe y tjadi ni..aten pn IM dye balek n try 2 talk things over but all dat d person reply is.."xpe la...xde pape.." npknye dh smakin sulit utk communicate wit each other nowadays..dye x respond sgt pon kalo nk ckp pape,then what am i supposed 2 do?diri ini yg dikate sbg berubah?sedangkan kalo chat pon dye mcm xnk respond mne..balas juz 'yes' 'no' 'xde pape'..ok fine..walo pn aten xphm pe sbnrnye situasi i jz apologize 2 dat person..erm,enuff said..aten xberubah..mayb jarak yg jauh n tyme constraint utk contact each other bt kite rse sumone tu npk laen..4 me,still the same..i am,we are..i hope you to =)

ptg ni test chem,nk stdy..sume happenin smlm btol2 menampar hatiku [ayat ape ni?] xsabo tnggu jumaat nxt wk..nak balek..d only real support i cn find is frm my famly..n plus bbpe org shbt lame yg mayb ad kt ganu nxt wk..rindu amat sgt kt kwn2 lame,shbt2 seperjuangan d SHAMS..u guyz cant b replaced tau x?tau x?hehe..pape yg jd smlm aten xgtau kt mne2 kwn kt utp pn xcept those yg bertye sal arwah aki..slalunye kalo ad pape tym skul dlu msti cpt2 citer kt kwn2..huhu,tp kt utp ni i need more tym 2 reli feel comfortble n rely with all frenz..sory,i'm such an insecure person..i only trust those who i've really known for years =) dihatiku masih terpahat shbt2 lame,namun tetap ku cuba bukakn ruang utk kehadiran teman2 baru..^_^